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Let's Talk

Communicate + Advance

Talking is always good - you can never understand someone too much - and none more so than in Client/Agency relationships.

By sharing our ideas and by expressing our opinions, we achieve mutual benefits:  solutions that are better adapted to our needs; a more coherent long-term brand plan; account stability.

Pitch-Partner offers a truly independent service - the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but progress.


Pitch-Partner is my business name.  I'm Luke Bowen, a freelance consultant with a wealth of client-side, agency-side and independent experience.

All interviews are conducted by me, all reports are written by me and all presentations are delivered by me.


The core products I offer are Client Satisfaction Audit, Pitch Review and 360-degree Survey.

I've been doing this since 2007 and have conducted in excess of 2,000 interviews with client CEOs, MDs, Marketing Directors and management on behalf of my agency and company partners.

Need something else?  Get in touch.



Pitch-Partner is registered in France. Siret: 49488583300017